11 de abril de 2012


This Tuesday we had a visit of a B757 from Icelandair. This is not a first at Madeira airport, the last time this airline stopped around here, with a B757, was in May 2010. Unfortunately the last time I photographed this airline was in March 2008.
As I've already mencioned, the flight was made by a B757 with registration TF-FIP.
Arrived at LPMA/FNC at 13:45 from Reykjavik and about one hour later took off to the Canary Islands, more precisely to GCLP/LPA. From Gran Canaria it would fly back to Reykjavik this time without stopping by Madeira Airport.
TF-FIP / Boeing 757-208 / Icelandair

The shortest takeoff I've ever seen performed by a Boeing 757, just used 800 meters of runway.

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