6 de abril de 2012

(Airbus 310)²

It's been a while since the last time I saw an Airbus 310. Fortunately this week we had two at LPMA/FNC. The first one, from SATA International, came on a Monday (02/04/12); the second, from White Airways, came Friday (06/04/12) but only after about three and half hours off schedule. Initially it was expected to arrive at 18:00(local) then delayed to 19:30(local) and again to 21:30(local). This meant that I had to get my tripod so I could take a photo to the airplane.
CS-TKM / Airbus 310-304 / SATA International

CS-TKI / Airbus 310-304 / White Airways
Curiously this Airbus was in SATA's fleet until 2005, in the same year it went to White Airways.
Arriving to stand 13 after a long flight from Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)
Fast turnaround time, in less than one hour.
Ready for pushback.
Ready and cleared to taxi to rwy 05 for the final leg of the flight till Lisbon.

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