30 de julho de 2012


''Closed for vacations''.
Unfortunately this next month the blog won't be updated due to my vacations at Paris. But if I catch something interesting around here (aviation related), I assure that it will be published here.
My flight to Paris was last Saturday 28th and it was performed by Transavia's F-GZHB which turned to be my first flight on a B738.For this reason here's a report of my flight from Madeira Island(FNC) to Paris Orly(ORY) with a stop at Porto(OPO).

I arrived at the airport around one hour and twenty five minutes before the ETD and made the check-in where I asked for a seat at the window.
After the check-in a few tours around the terminal and a visit to the balcony, to watch the arrival of the airplane that would take me till ORY, it was time to board.
I arrive to the airplane and I see seat 2F and I ask my self what is that, not that the seats were bad but because it was the first row of seats on the starboard side, so you are facing a bulkhead the all trip, but well at least it was at the window.

View from my seat a few minutes before departure.
Porto Santo Island after our departure from FNC and now heading to OPO.
 One of the many cloudy views FNC-OPO
About one hour and forty minutes after our departure we arrive to OPO, where the smog didn't allowed a better view of the landscape. Notice Douro River and the Arrábida Bridge.
After landing at OPO we taxied till the stand. Everyone that were coming to OPO left the airplane, the other passengers remained in the aircraft. And before the passengers, that were traveling from OPO to ORY boarded the airplane, the hand luggage was verified by the crew.

Some bizjets parked at OPO
One of the many Ryanair's.
Everyone aboard and time for the last leg of the flight OPO-ORY, another hour and forty five minutes of flight.
A cumulonimbus cloud at the distance, probably over Spain.
Entering France with a view of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.
View over the Loire river. 
And now time for the approach to Orly Airport.
View of an area dedicated to RC cars and airplanes.
It's confirmed it's Paris, Eiffel Tower in the center of the frame.
There's no photos of the landing, but here's two of the taxi till the gate.
A B744 from Corsairfly (F-HSEA) and a CRJ1 from Britair (F-GRJN)
And Orly control tower.
Overall it was a great flight which was even greater due to the airplane being a B738. Very comfortable and in my opinion wiyh a bit more soundproofing cabin than the A319/A320. A bit awkward was the arming mechanism of the door escape slides, but every maker makes it the way it thinks it's better.
And there's the report, till next month.

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