8 de abril de 2012


If this wasn't a blog dedicated to aviation, just by looking at the title of this message you could think that I would be writing about a flower (although it's somehow related), a beer, a grape type, a glider model among many other things. But no, today I'm writing about Edelweiss Air (which logo it's a edelweiss flower which is the origin of the airline name) that made it's premiere in LPMA/FNC.
It arrived at 11:41 from Zurich as flight WK284 and was entitled to a water cannon salute and the passengers were gifted with some souvenirs. Departed about one hour later, also to Zurich, as flight WK285.
HB-IHZ / Airbus 320-214 / Edelweiss Air
Touchdown for the first time in LPMA.
Water cannon salute performed by Madeira airport fire brigade.
Rotating on rwy 05.

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