27 de junho de 2010

Remembering Asas de Portugal 2009

Here are some photos from the display of the Portuguese Air Force aerobatic team, Asas de Portugal, back in August 2009. The aerobatic display was held over the bay of Funchal ,wich is Madeira Island main city, on celebrations of the 501 years of the city, as always it was an awsome dispaly. The airplanes used by the team were the Dassault-Dornier Alphajet A with the registrations 15208 and 15250.
15208 - 15250 / Dassault-Dornier Alphajet A / Portuguese Air Force - Asas de Portugal

24 de junho de 2010

Cimber Sterling and other traffic.

Hi there.
Another weekend (19th and 20th June), another opportunity to do some plane-spotting. That was even better with the good and warm weather that we had.
Nothing special on these set of photos I'm putting here, probably the highlight goes to the Sterling's B737 now operated by Cimber Sterling and the B757 from British Airways.
F-GTAM / Airbus 321-211 / Air France

EC-ITU / Canadair CRJ200ER / Air Nostrum

PH-BTF / Boeing 737-406 / KLM

OO-VET / Boeing 737-4Q8 / Brussels Airlines

D4-CBG / Boeing 757-2Q8 / TACV Cabo Verde Airlines

CS-TKN / Airbus 310-325(ET) / SATA International

G-EZFU / Airbus 319-111 / easyJet

Airbus 321 (front) and Airbus 320 (back / TAP Air Portugal

EC-LEK / Embraer ERJ 195LR / Air Europa

G-CPER / Boeing 757-236 / British Airways

OY-MRE / Boeing 737-7L9 / Cimber Sterling Airlines

5 de junho de 2010

VIM Airlines & Cimber Sterling

A few weeks as gone since the last time I updated the blog.
Well last Thursday was time to stop the break from the plane spotting, so I went till LIS / LPPT, not expecting to see anything new, at least for me. As I arrived to the usual spotting location, took my camera from the bag and started to photograph the usual TAP's and easyjet's. Then, apparently, from nowhere I see a VIM Airlines aircraft (RA-73010) taxing to runway 03 for departure, the first surprise of the day. The last time I photographed a Russian airplane was back in Apri 09 on a visit to Frankfurt airport.
Then a few hours later it arrives the other unexpected traffic of the day, the Cimber Sterling retro jet (OY-MRG). The Cimber was unexpected for me but the other guys that were at the airport, already knew that he was coming.
Now the photos.
RA-73010 / Boeing 757-230 / VIM Airlines

OY-MRG / Boeing 737-7L9 / Cimber Sterling