28 de abril de 2012

Condor 767-330ER

After last Thursday a Condor flight performed by a B753, that had to stay grounded, at Madeira airport, due to mechanical problems (hydraulic system), today we had a B763 also from Condor to take back to Germany the passengers from the B753 flight.
It arrived from Frankfurt as flight CFG 900 and about one hour later departed to Frankfurt as flight CFG 887.
D-ABUD / Boeing 767-330 ER / Condor
Rolling for takeoff on rwy 05.
G-EZBB / Airbus 319-111 / easyJet
CS-TTJ / Airbus 319-111 / TAP Air Portugal.

21 de abril de 2012

10 Years of Thomas Cook Belgium

Last Monday, April 16th, we had a nice visitor at Madeira airport. A A320 from Thomas Cook Belgium with the color scheme celebrating the 10 year of the airline.
Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium was founded on December 2001 and started it's operations on March 2002.
OO-TCH / Airbus 320-214 / Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium
Don't worry, on the starboard side everything normal, just the regular color scheme.

On that same day, Jet2 was also here, as usual.
G-CELJ / Boeing 737-330 / Jet2
G-LSAA / Boeing 757-236 / Jet2
And here's two easyJet's. Curiously I can't remember the last time I photographed one.
G-EZBK / Airbus 319-111 / easyJet
G-EZTL / Airbus 320-214 / easyJet

20 de abril de 2012


Some afternoon traffic from this Friday, with the highlight for the Travel Service flight QS2042, from Prague, performed by Smartwings.
OK-SWX / Boeing 737-76N / Smartwings

CS-DPA / Beechcraft Hawker 900XP / MadJet
CS-TJF / Airbus 321-211 / TAP Air Portugal
PH-HZD / Boeing 737-8K2 / Transavia Airlines

11 de abril de 2012


This Tuesday we had a visit of a B757 from Icelandair. This is not a first at Madeira airport, the last time this airline stopped around here, with a B757, was in May 2010. Unfortunately the last time I photographed this airline was in March 2008.
As I've already mencioned, the flight was made by a B757 with registration TF-FIP.
Arrived at LPMA/FNC at 13:45 from Reykjavik and about one hour later took off to the Canary Islands, more precisely to GCLP/LPA. From Gran Canaria it would fly back to Reykjavik this time without stopping by Madeira Airport.
TF-FIP / Boeing 757-208 / Icelandair

The shortest takeoff I've ever seen performed by a Boeing 757, just used 800 meters of runway.

8 de abril de 2012


If this wasn't a blog dedicated to aviation, just by looking at the title of this message you could think that I would be writing about a flower (although it's somehow related), a beer, a grape type, a glider model among many other things. But no, today I'm writing about Edelweiss Air (which logo it's a edelweiss flower which is the origin of the airline name) that made it's premiere in LPMA/FNC.
It arrived at 11:41 from Zurich as flight WK284 and was entitled to a water cannon salute and the passengers were gifted with some souvenirs. Departed about one hour later, also to Zurich, as flight WK285.
HB-IHZ / Airbus 320-214 / Edelweiss Air
Touchdown for the first time in LPMA.
Water cannon salute performed by Madeira airport fire brigade.
Rotating on rwy 05.

6 de abril de 2012

(Airbus 310)²

It's been a while since the last time I saw an Airbus 310. Fortunately this week we had two at LPMA/FNC. The first one, from SATA International, came on a Monday (02/04/12); the second, from White Airways, came Friday (06/04/12) but only after about three and half hours off schedule. Initially it was expected to arrive at 18:00(local) then delayed to 19:30(local) and again to 21:30(local). This meant that I had to get my tripod so I could take a photo to the airplane.
CS-TKM / Airbus 310-304 / SATA International

CS-TKI / Airbus 310-304 / White Airways
Curiously this Airbus was in SATA's fleet until 2005, in the same year it went to White Airways.
Arriving to stand 13 after a long flight from Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)
Fast turnaround time, in less than one hour.
Ready for pushback.
Ready and cleared to taxi to rwy 05 for the final leg of the flight till Lisbon.