2 de abril de 2012

Finnish Airlines

This Monday we had at LPMA/FNC two Finnish airlines, Air Finland and Finnair.
I think we can say that one of the airlines brought us one unusual color scheme around here, i.e., the Air Finland's OH-AFL still with colors of Allegiant Air. About Finnair I can only say that it made the 'awesomest' approach of the afternoon.
OH-AFL / Boeing 757-204 / Air Finland

OH-LBR / Boeing 757-2Q8 / Finnair

G-TAWF / Boeing 737-8K5/W / Thomson Airways

LX-LGT / Boeing 737-8K5 / Luxair
OE-HII / Bombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 300 / Amira Air
According to what I've found this is Niki Lauda's private jet.

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