7 de março de 2011


After two months away from plane spotting the comeback couldn't be better. A few days before Saturday I received an invitation, from a friend, for a visit to Santa Cruz airfield, as it was a great opportunity I accepted immediately. On Saturday as we arrived to LPSC I realized that it would be a great day, because the national aerobatic team would be training all day.
Now the photos.

LPSC / Santa Cruz Airfield
Santa Cruz is also home to Torres Vedras Airclub founded in 1946, but the airfield it self was built in 1931.

View over the ramp. Some spotters admiring the airplanes on display.

CS-AVA / Cessna 152 / Aeroclube de Torres Vedras (Airclub)

CS-AQX / Cessna 172 / Aeroclube de Torres Vedras (Airclub)

D-ERIT / Cessna 150 / Aeroclube de Torres Vedras (Airclub)

CS-AQQ & CS-DGE / Private
The CS-AQQ I'm positive it's a Piper Cub but the CS-DGE I haven't figured out yet.
I hope they can fly again one day.

CS-URA / Tecnam P92 Echo Super / Private

Pratt & Whitney R2000 Twin Wasp
It's not a plane but it used to be part on one. Probably came from a Douglas DC-4 or a Lockheed Constellation.

CS-AJC / Champion 7ECA Citabria / Private (www.citabria.pt.vu)
This one was a surprise to me. Built in 1969, still flying and still performing great aerobatic maneuvers.

And now the reason of our visit to LPSC.
N80LA / Extra 300S / LIMA ALPHA Aerobatic Team (www.limaalpha.com)
Pilot Lino Gonçalves equipping for the first flight of the day.
Just before getting in the cockpit.
Final adjustments.
Taxiing to runway 17.
Rolling down the runway.

These last two were taken after the last flight of the day at dusk, so the quality isn't that good.

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  1. I fly very often to LPSC with my PiperSport CS-USE or Cessnas from AeCP.
    What a great blog for people who love aviation!!! Congratulations!!!
    Please visit a portuguese blog which shows aerial pictures from Portugal taken during my flights in Cessna, Piper, etc...:
    The Third Dimension - Aerial Photography from Portugal
    Thanks a lot