17 de agosto de 2010

TUIfly's ''Glücksbring Air'' and other traffic

From the five logojet that Tuifly has,I only got two the D-AHFM and D-AHFY. As far as I know they are; ''GlücksbringAir'' D-AHZF, New VW Sharan D-AHFB, Haribo Goldbären D-ATUD, Haribo D-AHFM, Karten D-AHFY
So with this in mind I went to the airport expecting to catch a ''logojet'' from Tuifly, and guess what, one of them appeared, it was the D-AHFZ for me the second best color scheme right behind the golden Haribo.
Now the photos.

D-ABBH / Boeing 737-86J / Air Berlin

D-ABBE / Boeing 737-86J / Air Berlin

D-ABAP / Boeing 737-86J / Air Berlin
Seen on this photo performing a going around due to excessive altitude on approach.
Second attempt, this time everything OK.
And after about an hour, departure to Leipzig Halle.

OY-KBO / Airbus 319-132 / Scandinavian Airlines - SAS

D-AHFI / Boeing 737-8K5 / TUIfly

D-AHFX / Boeing 737-8K5 / TUIfly
This one had a really nice paint scheme, unfortunately for it was removed (you can see it here).

D-AHFZ / Boeing 737-8K5 / TUIfly
The ''Glücksbring Air'' on final to rwy 05 at LPMA

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  1. Excelentes registos! Com esse solzinho até apetece...
    Ainda me falta o Golden Haribo...