28 de abril de 2010

Not Again!!!

Hi there, the reason for the title of this post it's because this is the fourth or fifth time that I start a blog. The reason why all the other failed was because sooner or later the server would go down or ended up being deactivated.
Like the other this one will be dedicated to plane spotting and some other thing that I might think it's interesting. By the way this blog will give continuity to the previous one on Spottersblog , just in case you wan't to give it a try.

P.S. Just would like to apologise to Rui Sousa for getting the idea for the blog's name from his blog.

1 comentário:

  1. ;)
    Boas André, grande azar...
    Penso que nesse aspecto o blogger deve ser mais seguro...(deve.....)
    A melhor das sortes para o novo blog! Abraço!